5 tips on becoming a smart investor in India



“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

nvestment plays an important role in tending to people’s financial needs in today’s time. Since one can never predict what the future beholds for them, they always try to play safe by investing as life’s uncertain. This uncertainty of life is almost equivalent to that of stock market and that’s what makes investing an adrenaline rush kind of experience, it has its own high & lows. Since one cannot always judge what investment is actually good for them, here are few tips on how you can invest smartly in the market:


  • Understand stock market: Even though stock market isn’t rocket science, still it needs to be understood properly before you make any form of investment. Investing without understanding it yourself is the biggest mistake that a person can make.
  • Understand your own requirements: This is another thing that one needs to be clear about. Varieties of financial products are available in the market so understand what suits your needs the best and will give you the desired return and then make the decision of investing in them.
  • Estimate your risk capability: Never go over your own capability to invest as it will do you do good. Take only that much amount of risk, of which you can afford.
  • Invest for long term benefits: The market keeps fluctuating in the short term as the prices of those companies’ sky rockets that are popular during that particular time. So, always look for investing in stocks in the long term as over the time the value of a company matters more.
  • Buy in lesser price, sell when higher: This is one of the basic things that one gets to learn as they start trading in stock market. The logic is also pretty simple behind this – we often like to buy product at cheaper cost which will give us higher benefits. So, always assess the market, buy shares when prices are low and sell it when they sky rocket. This goes along well with another suggestion that always invest for the long term.

Like Benjamin franklin once said, ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest’, therefore, always be aware of what’s going on the market. That’s one of the ways you can ensure that you won’t suffer huge losses.


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