Before getting to the upcoming and top IPO to invest in 2019, let us discuss what exactly is IPO to give you a broad idea of its concept so as to make your investment better.

IPO, initial public offering, refers to the very first or initial sale of stock by a company to borrow funds from the public. Through IPO a company is enabled to go public, until then a company is considered to be private. Thereafter, stocks of companies are available for the public to buy. Public constitutes of individuals and institutions who were not a part of the company when formed and want to be a part of that company by investing in the stock.

Companies are willing to go public as IPO lets them borrow a huge amount of money from the public to carry out their operations. There are various ways of borrowing money such as capital ventures, banks etc. However, through IPO a company can raise the largest sum of money.


  • Through IPO, the largest sum of capital is raised by companies
  • IPO provides an opportunity for companies to attract a higher number of investors within a short span of time.
  • IPO helps in increasing profits for companies as going public leads to higher prestige and numerous business opportunities.
  • As a public listed company, it is easier to undertake mergers and acquisitions.


  • Companies lose the authority to control to shareholders as they own their rights to participate in the decision making of the companies.
  • Companies are required to disclose their financial statements and other business information to the public.
  • Raising capital through IPO may become difficult if the public does not take on the price issued by companies.



Lodha developers is the largest real estate developer in India for the year 2017. Lodha developers are known to develop real estates in Mumbai, Pune, and London. The company is valued at Rs.38000 Crores and will be coming to IPO in February 2019.

  • IPO Size- Rs. 3700 Crore approximately
  • Face Value- Rs. 10 per equity share
  • IPO Date- February 2019

Chalet Hotels

Chalet Hotels is the Hotel Real Estate Company based in Mumbai providing high-end Hotels across India. Chalet Hotels is a part of K. Raheja Corp and is the owner and developer of Hotels. Chalet’s Going public is approved by SEBI and is upcoming at the end of the month of January 2019. The company’s equity value stands at 24,685,000 Shares.

  • IPO size- Rs. 1500 Crore approximately
  • Face Value- Rs. 10 per equity share
  • IPO Date- 29th January 2019

Akash Education Services

Akash Education Services provides educational coaching for competitive exams to students across 103 cities and 23 states. The company is the largest education consultancy in India pertaining to revenue earned.

Coachings are provided to medical and engineering students for their competitive exams to class 11th and 12th students. Foundation courses are also offered by the company to students of classes 8 through 10. As per data of 2018, Akash Education services has 170 classrooms with 193,313 students enrolled in the courses.

  • IPO size- To be updated
  • Face Value- Rs. 5 per equity share
  • IPO Date- March 2019

Angel Broking Ltd.

Angel Broking is one of the largest full-service retail broking houses in India if looked over at its clients listed on NSE. The company leads in providing financial services, advisory, and broking services to its clients, including offering the financial products to the clients. As per data of 2018, the company has a network of over 11000 sub-brokers and providing services across 1800 cities.

  • IPO size To be updated
  • Face Value- Rs. 10 per equity share
  • IPO Date- May 2019

Penver Products Ltd.

Penver Products is a seafood company processing and exporting aquaculture and capture fishery products, currently based in Kerala. They export to USA, Europe, and Far East, the USA being the highest importer. The company is offering to sell 41,08,000 equity shares.

  • IPO size- 240 Crores approximately
  • Face Value- Rs. 10 per equity share
  • IPO Date- 2019


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