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Brexit is an abbreviation for “British exit,” meaning that UK has decided in a June 23, 2016 referendum to leave European Union (EU). A referendum was conducted on June 23, 2016, in which everyone falling under the category of voting age were allowed to vote for the UK to either leave EU or not. Evidently, votes were in favour of leaving of 51.9% to 48.1%.
Article 50 has to be cited from the Lisbon Treaty, for Brexit to happen. This gives both sides two years to come in agreement of the split. Theresa May prompted this process on 29 March 2017 and therefore, UK is scheduled to leave EU at 11pm UK time on Friday, 29 March 2019. During this process, UK can decide to stop this process but only if all 28 members agree for the same. European Union The European Union, also known as EU is an economic and political partnership consisting of 28 European countries. This partnership was formed after World War II in order to stimulate economic cooperation, intending that
countries will trade together and will more likely to avoid wars with each other. This union works as a single country. It has its own currency euro which is used by 19 of the members, its own parliament and its own set of rules in wide range of areas such as environment, consumer rights etc.

Impact of Brexit on EU EU is expected to face huge impact due to Brexit. The UK’s exit may result in social and economic changes as well as political and institutional shifts.Budget
EU’s budget will face a loss due to Brexit as The UK’s contribution to the EU budget in 2016 was €19.4 billion.UK receives €7 billion in EU subsidies and after removing these, EU budget will fall by 5% overall. Germany, due to budget loss, will be asked to provide the largest amount of cash, estimating to be €2.5 billion. To overcome the loss, the European Commission is looking for reductions in regional spending up to 30%, which affected some poorer states who completely rely on the regional funds. Defense and Foreign affairs The UK is known to be one of the EU’s major military power with intelligence capabilities, and power, it was most likely to be key asset for EU in foreign and defense affairs. With the UK getting removed, EU will face major crisis inforeign affairs. Trade with the UK Trade Impact of Brexit on EU is supposed to be negative but not more than the impact on the UK. The UK and EU are expected to become each other’s biggest trading partner but some EU’ members like Germany, Ireland, Belgium and Netherlands are more likely to be negatively affected. The sectors that may face huge impact with the exit of UK are motor vehicles
and parts, electronics equipment and processed foods since the UK is a large manufacturer of these. Export may also have an impact, precisely exports from Ruhr Valley.  Agencies located in the UK The UK was hosting The European Medicines Agency and the EuropeanBanking Authority, in 2017. Since an EU agency cannot be located outside the union, a process to identify new host cities for the agencies were initiated.Hosting an agency comes up with a huge price and hence only two dozen cities contested. Migration
The UK is aiming to have as much access to the EU market without acknowledging free movement. The impact of this will be faced by eastern European member states as the UK holds approximately 1.2 million workers from these states. However, after Brexit vote, UK annual immigration fell with citizens leaving for other EU states but western European states faced thebiggest drop.

Zerodha is an Indian financial service company that provides retail and institutional broking,trading of currencies and commodities, investment in mutual funds and bonds. Zerodha is known for its technology, innovations and discount pricing. Zerodha currently is a member of NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX. We at zerodha started our operations on 15 th August 2010 with the aim of providing technological, innovative, cost-effective and easier ways to investors and traders to help them succeed and achieve their financial objectives.
Today, Zerodha is known as India’s No.1 Stock Broker because of its technology and
convenient pricing models. We are India’s biggest stockbroker because of our active retail
clients and also, biggest by the trading volumes, making us to the top on Indian stock
exchanges. We have a base of over 1 million customers who place numerous of orders per day on our unique and reliable investment platforms, contributing to more than 10% of the Indian retail sales. Zerodha provides you an active community through our question and answer platform where you can ask and receive answers to all your questions regarding trading, investments and stock markets on Zerodha does not end here to amuse you, It also provides open online education portal accessible to everyone, known as Varsity. Varsity covers a wide area of topics like stock markets, trading, fundamental analysis, commodities, technical analysis and more.

In order to open an account with Zerodha, you will be required to pay account opening
charges and annual maintenance charges (AMC) Transaction Fee
Trading account opening charges (one time) Rs. 300
Trading account annual maintenance charges(AMC) Rs. 0
Demat Account opening charges (one time) Rs. 100
Demat account annual maintenance charges(AMC) Rs. 300


While trading or buying and selling stocks through Zerodha, customers or traders need to pay a commission or brokerage. Hence, brokerage charges of Zerodha are as follows.
Segments Brokerage fee
Equity Delivery Rs 0
Equity Intraday Rs. 20 or 0.1 % whichever is lower, per executive order
Equity Futures Rs. 20 or 0.1 % whichever is lower, per executive order
Equity options Rs. 20 or 0.1 % whichever is lower, per executive order
Currency Futures Rs. 20 or 0.1 % whichever is lower, per executive order
Currency Options Rs. 20 or 0.1 % whichever is lower, per executive order

Segments Fee
Equity Delivery NSE Rs. 325 per crore | BSE Rs. 1 per trade (each side)
Equity Intraday NSE Rs. 325 per crore | BSE Rs. 1 per trade (each side)
Equity Futures NSE Rs. 210 per crore | BSE Rs. 1 per trade (each side)
Equity options NSE Rs. 5300 per crore | BSE Rs. 1 per trade (each side)
Currency Futures NSE Rs. 135 per crore
Currency Options NSE Rs. 4400 (on premium) per crore
Commodity Non-Agri Rs. 360 (0.0036%) | Agri Rs. 275 per crore

Kite 3.0 With advancements in technology and innovations, Zerodha brings Kite 3.0, a sleek investment and trading platform built to compete for technology and modern times.
Experience investing in stock markets the easier way with innovation that is capable of
providing excellent usability. Universal Instrument Search Explore through 90,000+ stocks and F&O contracts across multiple exchanges with just a click. Come across your favorite stocks, bonds, metals, or derivatives and much more in a quicker and easier way with zero latency. Sleek User Interface Buying, selling, analyzing and regulating your portfolio, all of that made easier with a sleek and carefully created UI. Navigate the app seamlessly with intuitively designed keyboard shortcuts.Real-time widgets Now, it’s time to keep your trading edge sharp with dynamic data widgets that offer you live ticks, quotes, order alerts and numerous other. Advanced Charting

Get hundreds of indicators, studies, and tools on a powerful and customizable charting
interface. Also, offers you extensive historical data for stock and F&O contracts.
Unlimited extensibilityHave an experience of a complete ecosystem on Kite. Get your hands on innovative investment apps that integrate seamlessly into your trading process. Not only this, Even build your own applications through Kite Connect APIs.
KITE MOBILE Now access Kite on any of your Android and iOS device through Kite mobile.
KITE CONNECT API Zerodha introduces Kite connect built on top of exchange-approved web-based trading platform, KITE. Kite connect is a set of HTTP APIs, that enables its
customers or clients to have access to data such as profile, funds information, order history, live quotes and much more. Moreover, it provides the ease to customers in placing their orders and managing their portfolio on their own. Clients of zerodha have access to the only mode of investment platform that we at zerodha provide. Also, clients do not require to stick to a platform they are not comfortable with, with the help of programmatic access. Programmatic access ensures that users are never locked out of their own data and exercise full ownership and control on their own data. In addition, all data of the clients are
concentrated in our ecosystem and clients are required to manually replicate
their position data on an ongoing basis. Traders or investors will be required to create their own developer login, pay the fees and agree to the terms and conditions and then can begin to access KITE connect. Console Console is a complete trade and reporting dashboard. Developer console for KITE connect is developed for the users to track and
monitor their own programmatic API access.Coin One can invest in mutual funds through 2 options, either through a distributor or by investing directly from AMC. If mutual funds bought through a distributor, distributors tend to earn upfront and trail commissions on your investments. They earn up to 1.5% upfront commission on the investment made and trail commission of up to 1.5% each year, till you continue to invest in those. Direct
Purchasing mutual funds directly pertains to investing with the fund house directly without the involvement of distributor as an intermediary. This comes to savings on your investment by eliminating upfront and trail commission. In order to invest directly, you can visit the fund house’s office or website, fill up the form and invest into the fund.
However, even today 90% of the investors invest through distributors due to lack of awareness or a reliable direct platform. Introducing direct platform- Coin o Through coin, you get access to no commission zone. That is, no commissions are charged, either upfront or trail, on your investments.o Direct mutual funds in DEMAT form, with convenience of one portfolio across equity, MF, currency, etc. o Get your hands on Single capital gain statement, P&L visualizations, and much more.
o Easy SIP – start, stop, and modify anytime you want.
o As done with stocks, you can place orders to purchase or redeem funds
based on NAV, including NAV tracking orders.
o And above all, Coin has been absolutely free since August 24, 2018.

At Zerodha, we provide leverage or margin through 3 different product types, MIS, BO & CO.
The leverage provided through MIS is 3-14 times depending on the scrip. You can find the exact leverage for each scrip on the Margin Calculator.
For MIS orders in F&O –

The margin required of the NRML margin for Index futures & option writing is 35%
The margin required of The NRML margin for Stock futures & option writing is 45%
The margin required of The NRML margin for Commodities & Currencies (for futures &
option writing) is 50%

If compared to MIS, BO & CO offers higher leverage. This is because simultaneous stop loss is placed along with the initial buy or sell order. Hence, the risk involved is less due to the use of Stop Loss, the leverage comes out to be higher.
The CO & BO margins required for equity derivative is 2.45% of the contract value. Further, the margin needed for index derivatives is 1.45% of the contract value. HOW TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH ZERODHA ONLINE In order to trade in stock, commodity or currency, or invest in stock or mutual funds, customers or traders and investors are required to open a trading and demat account. Zerodha provides its customers with 3 types of accounts
 Trading account to trade in equity and currency derivatives

 Demat account to take delivery of stocks bought
 Commodity account to trade commodity futures on MCX
In addition to these accounts, there is also an option for customers to choose 2 in 1 combo
account which is a combination of trading and demat account, ensuring smooth course of
transactions between these two accounts.

Now, to open an online account with Zerodha, all you need to do is visit and enter the required information such as full name,
mobile number and Email ID to get signed up.
Afterward, you will need to put in key details of your PAN, bank account and personal
information to continue with the process of signing up.
Meanwhile, if you face any complications while opening an account online, you could
contact your Sales Manager or alternatively call us on – 080 4913 2020.
Zerodha takes 2 working day to open an account after receiving the request of signup.
Customers receive an email confirmation after 2 days when their account has been activated.In case, you do not receive an email confirmation after 2 days, you can check your accountstatus by giving a call to Zerodha support team.

Zerodha Account Closure
If you do not use your trading and demat account at zerodha for 6 months, it gets deactivated by default. You can get that activated by calling Zerodha.
Hence, it is advised that if your account is no longer a use for you, to close the account to
avoid paying annual charges. In order to have your account closed, you are required to fill a form for account disclosure, that you can access on the Zerodha’s website.
After receiving the request for account closure, it takes 2 working days for Zerodha to
officially have your account closed.

There are numerous reasons and advantages for what you should join Zerodha, the no. 1
broker in India. Zerodha Pricing

 To start, zerodha’s pricing is what makes it stand out of the crowd. Zerodha charges Rs. 0 for equity delivery trades and Rs. 20 or 0.1%, whichever is lower per executed order for anything other than mentioned above.
 Additionally, prices are charged the same for equity, F&O, currency and commodity on NSE,BSE, MCX-SX, and MCX
 Further, there is no upfront fee or turnover fee charged. Moreover, no stock brokerage or any minimum contract charges.

Zerodha support
The next best thing about Zerodha is its support channel.
 Zerodha provides platforms for all your queries to be cleared well in time, such as Z-connect,
interactive blog, and other portals.
 With zerodha, you get 250+ dedicated support team to ensure your queries or any doubts are acknowledged via email and phone.

Zerodha Technology
 All required tools such as trading, analysis, and charting are all provided to you on platforms Pi., Desktop, Web and Mobile trading platforms.
 Many innovative trading tools are also offered. For instance, SPAN calculators, Bracket
orders and Trailing Stoploss, Market Intel, Option strategy etc.
 You get a multi-datacenter disaster management infrastructure that ensures safety, speed, and reliability. Also offers Exchange connectivity of 140 orders/second vs an industry average of 40 orders/second.

Small case Invest in a portfolio of stocks or ETFs through smallcase. Smallcase is a basket
of stocks designed to categorize stocks on the bases of objectives, strategies,
prices etc. Also, invest at a lower cost by investing in multiple stocks at one go.
Streak Streak is a platform where users can create algos without coding with
backtesting algos and deploying them in a real market. Streak provides algo
trading that makes it convenient and affordable to the users. Sensibull

Sensibull offers options trading for the beginners in investing and powerful
tools for the pros. Sensibull is India’s first options trading platform designed to
make it affordable and easier for investors.


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